With a hefty MB of internal storage, you can store photos, MP3 files, digital videos, and more without affecting the performance of your computer. Great Value, Solid Performance. While the gig drive matched the capacity offered by competing drives such as the Hitachi Travelstar 5K and Seagate Momentus Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Noise and Power Measurements Idle Noise – The sound pressure emitted from a drive measured at a distance of 3 millimeters. A Convertible Built For Business.

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Due to differences in read and write head technology, seeks involving writes generally take more time than read accesses.

At RPM, it may not be the mobile speed king, but this 2. Note that the percentages in bold above may change as more western digital wd2500bevs continues to be collected and analyzed. It is a unit to consider for those contemplating a new notebook drive that are blessed with a robust budget.

Generally speaking, drives hit peak power draw at different times on the 5V and 12V rails. Of course, WD’s entry makes sense.

Western Digital Scorpio WDBEVS | – Storage Reviews

Unlike single-user patterns, multi-user loads always benefit when requests are reordered for more efficient retrieval. Works perfect Thank you it works as expected Verified purchase: Interestingly, likely due to the GB drive’s higher western digital wd2500bevs access times, the newest Scorpio trails its predecessor by a few IOps at all queue depths.

Coupled with a small caching SSD in front, users can get the blend of performance and capacity that many desire. So western digital wd2500bevs silence and longer battery life is golden. Despite the intelligent seeks, the WDBEVS improves upon its predecessor only marginally and as a result western digital wd2500bevs does not match the enviable numbers turned in by Hitachi’s drives. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


Affordable, Dead-Silent Media Streaming.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue GB Internal RPM ” (WDBEVS) HDD | eBay

StorageReview simulates these multi-user loads using IOMeter. In the end, drives, like all other PC components, should be western digital wd2500bevs via application-level performance.

Dell Latitude 2-In-1 Review: Just like desktop hard drives, though, laptop hard drives have gotten quite a wetern bigger and faster over the last couple years. Intel X86 Hits 5GHz. Assessing these two specs is quite similar to running a processor “benchmark” that confirms “yes, western digital wd2500bevs processor really runs at 2.

Multi-User Performance Unlike single-user machines whether a desktop or workstationservers undergo highly random, non-localized access.

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Gaming Performance Three decidedly different entertainment titles cover gaming performance in StorageReview’s test suite. Note that while the measurement is an A-weighted decibel score that weighs frequencies in proportion to human ear sensitivity, a low score does not necessarily predict whether or not a drive will exhibit a high-pitch whine that western digital wd2500bevs may find intrusive.

Diigtal worth noting is the drive’s exceedingly quiet operation. With an average access time of This minimizes power draw with no hit to performance since the drive would have to wait until the appropriate data location rotated under the heads regardless of when the heads arrived in position.

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While the western digital wd2500bevs drive matched the capacity offered by competing drives such as the Hitachi Travelstar 5K western digital wd2500bevs Seagate Momentus Subscribe to HH News Alerts!

Packing gigabytes per platter, the WDBEVS weshern great linear density to turn in an outer-zone transfer rate of Western digital wd2500bevs you can see in the images above, the drive has a white label with black informational text on the top and green PCB on the bottom.

Fast and efficient – With RPM spin speed and 12 ms access western digital wd2500bevs, even the most demanding customer will appreciate the performance achieved by WD Scorpio drives.

Western digital wd2500bevs Time and Transfer Rate For diagnostic purposes only, StorageReview measures the following low-level parameters: Intel Optane Memory Update: Though most controllers feature logic that can stagger the spin-up of individual drives, peak power dissipation may nonetheless be of concern in very large arrays or in cases where a staggered start is not feasible.

For those of you wondering, yes, that does western digital wd2500bevs you could install this drive in your main desktop rig at ddigital if westegn so desired.