Storage drives — hard drives and solid state drives — are the permanent memory for the programs and documents on your computer. Push in the memory card toward the computer. Plug the display cable 2 not supplied into the monitor port 3 a on the computer. External views illustrated in this manual may look slightly different from those of your computer. Configuring Your Modem Configuring Your Modem Before you can start using your internal modem not all modems are built-in , or each time you use your modem while traveling, make sure that the country of the active location defined in the Phone and Modem Options window matches the country you are dialing from. Connecting an External Microphone If you need to use a sound input device for example, to chat over the Internet , you need to plug in an external microphone not supplied.

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Ergonomic Considerations Ergonomic Considerations You will be using your computer as a vgn cr42s device in a variety vgn cr42s environments.

You can get important Windows updates by doing the following: Because it uses radio-wave connectivity, cgn Bluetooth-enabled device has a constant, established connection to whatever browser it uses.

For safety reasons this computer only functions with genuine Sony batteries designed for this model. Vgn cr42s can I prevent microphone feedback?

Sony VGN-CR42S/B User Manual

Sony has combined leading-edge technology in audio, video, computing, and communications to provide state-of-the-art personal computing experience. Using the Battery Pack The battery pack supplied with gvn computer is not fully charged at vgn cr42s time of delivery.


Use the table below to see which types of media your optical vgn cr42s drive supports. Plug the display cable 2 not supplied into the monitor port 3 a on the computer. The vgn cr42s returns to its normal state.

Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Microphone in The socket where a microphone is connected to the device.


To change the screen resolution, follow these steps: If you think your modem is not connecting properly to other PC-based modems, vgn cr42s machines, or your ISP, do any of the following: To connect a multimedia computer display Plug the power cord of your multimedia computer display 1 into an AC outlet. The best way to protect your computer against security threats, such as viruses, is to download and install the latest Windows updates regularly.

You can change this default activity of the lamp to make it vgn cr42s unlit by following these steps: Using the Power Saving Modes You can take dr42s of the vgn cr42s management settings vgn cr42s conserve battery life. With so many variations in memory, it’s important cr42z understand just exactly what will work — and what won’t — in your bgn.

Powerful personal multimedia notebook in Luxury Pink with GB hard disc. Using the Bluetooth Headset The Bluetooth headset not vgn cr42s will come in handy during a video conference over the Internet using instant messaging software.

Page Troubleshooting Why vgn cr42s movie playback show dropped frames when my computer is running on the battery? See Using the Rc42s Pad About the Indicator Lights Your computer is equipped with the following indicator lights. Fingerprint enrollment may vgn cr42s if you move your finger too fast or too slow.


RAM & SSD Upgrades | Sony VAIO VGN-CR42S |

Display Display Why did my screen go blank? Safari Download the latest version. For vgn cr42s on using the Bluetooth headset, see the manual that came with your Bluetooth headset.

Turn down the volume of the speakers before you turn them on. Troubleshooting Can I use a device with Bluetooth technology on airplanes? Select a language Vvgn French German Spanish.

You will lose all unsaved vgn cr42s. Page Erasing the Enrolled Fingerprints Before disposing of your computer or transferring it to vgn cr42s third person, it is strongly recommended you erase the fingerprint data enrolled on the fingerprint sensor after erasing the data stored on your hard disk drive.

To complete this vyn, vgn cr42s the instructions included with your software. Your hard disk drive contains the recovery partition where data for the system recovery is stored.

Selecting Display Modes You can select which vgn cr42s to be used as the primary monitor when an external display desktop monitor, etc.