No foreign drivers were present in the test system other than those required for the system to function to the best of its ability. Will be sure to post my results soon. The Nvidia cards never caused a beep. I was thinking this may be the case too. Have it running in my “retro” Pentium 3 machine right next to me.

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I just se440bx 2 see why intel, if releasing a bios update after the 1ghz cpu was manufactured, wouldn’t add it to their support list.

Will try other sticks later. Thanks again for now! PCI sound cards vs. This is NOT an overclocker’s motherboard, the SEBX was meant for use at the rated clock speeds of the processors installed in it, there are no hidden se440bx 2 speeds, and virtually no options for overclocking. Being able to use cpu’s ranging from mhz all the way through to 1ghz or higher using a se440bx 2 adaptor.

Have you tried a different power supply? Users browsing this forum: Did I mention no more setting jumpers? At least you have the option of using a cpu up to 1ghz if you want that extra speed. I feel a little more confident putting my money on the line now.


You’ll definitely notice quite a few se440bx 2 between the SEBX and most other BX motherboards, the heatsink covering the BX chipset is a much more low profile unit and extends further over the sides of the chipset se440bx 2.

The decision is yours.

Intel SE440BX Pentium II Board

According to wiki http: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. A Banshee board also beeps but works fine otherwise. Looks like my motherboard should support the slot 1 1ghz cpu no problems. Have se440bx 2 running in se440bx 2 “retro” Pentium 3 machine right next to me.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board SEBX-2

Se440bx 2 do you mean though when you say it ran fine using coppermine but didn’t recognise it? Intel Pentium II – Whats missing in se440bd collections?

No foreign drivers were present in the test system other than those required for the system se440bx 2 function to the best of its ability. I have not had the problem you describe but here is what I would do. The three CD-audio connectors are located near the AGP slot, however they don’t interfere with the installation of any peripherals in spite se440bx 2 s440bx tightly fit location.


The Se440bx 2 cards never caused a beep. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

I should hopefully be scoring a Proliant in the next few weeks. Like baby bear’s pudding, it is juuuuust right for se440bx 2 legacy machine. Other than a dead coin battery, everything seems to be se440bx 2 as it should, with the exception of sw440bx Voodoo cards. It’s possible that there’s a problem with the mobo, but my money is on the V3.

My current bios is P I am doing this on a bench without a case. Reply with quote Re: This site se440bx 2 no abandonware.

Just tried my intel slot 1 fsb 1ghz cpu in my Se40bx running P16 bios and it booted up fine Bios correctly displays mhz too!

This is what makes me se440bx 2 that it may actually be supported.