Due to the complexities of Nokia’s custom system software, several steps might be required to. Ubuntu-Nokia connection Suite for free. Let’s look at how the various package managers work. I followed the instructions in this guide but didn’t get data from the gps although connection was established. May I suggest that you try to post on there support forum.

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Might be worth trying to use the bluetooth GUI. I’ve tried Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc. You can compile and run software, view a list of defined functions in the current file, ld3e more.

Nokia LD-3W Bluetooth GPS on Backtrack Linux

The gps receiver connects to the phone without a fuss, and the phone responds to sdptool browse with a whole bunch of info. Nokia Browser on Maemo Linux. Great method, worked fine for me. It never works the first time and always works the second time.

Bluetooth GPS and Sat Nav – Raspberry Pi Forums

Although the necessary alignment with upstream projects was made on a regular basis, these were more for Softwaare convenience rather than actually. It just says sdptool browse In that case, check out KMyMoney. The Nokia N is a powerful machine running a Linux core with Maemo Linux as its operating system, and more specifically Maemo 5.


Nokia NOK may finally be crying “uncle! Great How-to, worked almost smoothly.

Select all hcitool inq. Please note the line with the property Channel: By some measures, Chrome is now the king of the hill. Most of the software below is free and open source.

I followed the instructions in this guide but didn’t get data from the gps although connection was established. According to this media report, “Google alleges MOSAID is reneging on a commitment that Nokia made in a regulatory filing when the company pledged not to enforce patents against software relying on the Linux Kernel”.

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Turn on the modest but powerful Nokia Softwsre and Bluez finds it for you in no time, provided that it is somewhere in this planet…. The hcitool scan step sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t Traccar software provides high performance and stability on Windows, Linux or any other Live Tracking. If you do not know how to connect your phone, the below explanation is also good for your that, just put it in a discoverable Bluetooth mode.


Our community developers and fans are essential in making the OS what it is and getting monthly software updates out. The world’s biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia, could start to use open-source Linux software on its more expensive phone models, a senior company official said on Tuesday. Tell me more please. I have tried “sdptool browse” with my Nokia N70 and tons of info come out.

My favourite in Ubuntu But the Maemo software is nothing new. Brackets is a wonderful text editor, specially if you are in web developement. As it stands, the To install new software on thefirst download the deb package. You may try using sdptool records instead of browse. Following it, I manage to have my gps bt listed while scanning: They are both philosophically inclined to collaborate with upstream.

Already with Windows they’re having so many problems, they’ll be swamped if they release a Linux version.

But maybe the serial line cannot be shared?