However perimeter loops cannot be used if 1 other loop systems or areas where t-coil receivers are used are nearer than 3 times the room width shortest side ; 2 the room width is over 15ft and there is significant metal in the plane of the loop, such as reinforcement in a concrete floor. Any venue that owns and operates a loop system should also have some equipment to monitor the operation of the loop on a regular basis. Q What is an array system and how do I design one? The front has recessed preset controls for sensitivity of the microphone and line inputs, drive current. The unit shall incorporate metal loss correction to rectify frequency caused adjacent metal structures. Improved power output provides outstanding value without compromise.

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The front has recessed preset controls inductioon sensitivity of the microphone and line inputs, drive current. Highlights The ILD delivers years of inducttion free service to ensure venues will never disappoint people with t-coil equipped hearing aids Ideal for assistive listening applications in places of worship, theaters, schools, conference rooms, training facilities and hotels Continuous delivery of up to 6.

Overspill occurs when the magnetic field created by hearing loop can be heard outside of the looped area such as a room. The ILD is a professional audio hearing loop driver capable of driving loop areas in excess of sqft. Hearing Loop Receiver with Lanyard High quality receiver that allows people without hearing aids to listen to the loop audio.

ILD Professional Audio Induction Loop Driver

ILD Professional rack mountable loop driver 6. The IEC power inlet has an associated fuse, the loop output uses a detachable connector. This product is available through authorized resellers. The overspill can be reduced to as little as 5 ft 1.

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The brackets attach to the base of the units, and have key-hole slots to mount the equipment parallel to a vertical service. In addition we can help you explore additional solutions that may work better for you. Direct Burial Cable Direct burial cable enables the hearing loop cable to be installed in soil or concrete applications. The ILD is built in a half rack-width case.

A range of input adaptors and interface cables to accept most audio source inputs, see table below. The most powerful of the Ampetronic range, this is suitable for applications including conference facilities, theatres, sports halls, educational environments, larger meeting rooms, courts and lecture halls. Many buildings have embedded metal in the structure such as reinforcements in concrete, metal computer inxuction or suspended ceiling grids.

Also see Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. Controls and indication on the front panel are the same as the ILDwith the exception that the compression and loop current displays use six, rather than four, LEDs. The driver shall have a frequency response of at least 80 Hz to 6.

Arrays will always give a better field coverage and higher certainty of excellent performance than a perimeter loop, however the installation is more demanding and requires indyction cables to cross the floor or ceiling of the area of use. Many commercially available systems do not deliver sufficient voltage to reproduce critical high frequencies — ask us for more details.

The unit shall incorporate metal loss correction to rectify frequency caused adjacent metal structures. ILD optional accessories Ampetronic can supply an extensive range of additional accessories for installation — discuss your requirements with our sales team and we will provide materials and equipment to suit your application.


Ampetronic ILD500 Professional Rack Mountable Audio Induction Loop Driver

Universal Attenuator with 3. Experience first-hand how Listen helps you capture every sound, in any setting.

It may be used free-standing or mounted in a rack or on a wall using accessory brackets. Perimeter Loops — Area Coverage maximum Room aspect ratio 1: This does not compensate for signal loss from metal structures which can be significant.

Blanking plates should be ordered to fill gaps. The unit shall incorporate audio processing to maximize the intelligibility for individuals audik a t-coil equipped hearing aid. The objective is to ensure the loop system receives the required audio source e.

Either an existing audio system can be used, or a dedicated microphone or other audio source may need to be provided. Fill out the form below to receive more information about this product.

ILD500 Professional rack mountable loop driver

Otherwise, you should choose the cable based on the maximum total cable length in the specifications chart. Print Print innduction pricing Print unpriced. Input adaptors A range of input adaptors and interface cables to accept most audio source inputs, see table below Installation Accessories 18mm x 0.