You need to have Gemalto Classic Client 6. Thank you for your interest in our products. PKI-based portable tokens with a broad range of on-board security applications like digital signature, user identification and secure on-line transactions. Where can I obtain the Gemalto software? Could you provide me with the link to the latest version of Gemalto Classic Client?

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What should I do? The company administrator can assign administrator rights to other smart card holders within your company, or revoke them.

Smart cards are credit card-sized plastic cards that contain a microprocessor and a small amount of memory. Where can I obtain the Gemalto software?

Rating hidden possible values: The certificates in your smart card are meant for use with the EPO’s Online Filing and secure online services only. However, any documents filed online smwrt be signed by a person authorised to act in the proceedings in question.

What is the role of the company administrator? Web browser I use the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. First you should contact your company administrator and check if you have the rights to access the service, then you need to contact the EPO to check if your deposit account is correctly linked to your smart card. Please fill out and submit the form to receive more information about Gemalto or to be contacted by a Gemalto specialist. You can use all three modes of signing: The green light should go from blinking to steady when you insert your card.


Each person has to enrol individually there is a secret security question for each card holder. What are the various stages involved in the smart card application procedure?

Your certificates are stored on your smart card and are automatically registered in the new Web browser on your new PC. You could be one of ten lucky winners of an EPO gym bag.

Gemafe can I check that my PIN code is correct and not blocked? Treading the waters of the many types and styles of smart card readers can be difficult. The green light on my smart card reader is flashing. I have connected my smart card reader to my computer. You can draft, sign and send filings. I have tried — but failed — to activate my new smart card via the link on EPO website. Only authorised representatives, i.

GemSafe Classic Client – in stock at Smartcard Focus

Gemalto Classic Client version 6. Online Filing What is the difference between digital smart cardalphabetical and facsimile signatures?

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Enterprise data is becoming increasingly mobile and must be protected with the right remote access authentication solution. Cookie Tag hidden text field for keeping extra info: Cookie Keyword hidden text field for keeping extra info: How can I change my PIN code?

Smart Card Readers

If your reader is faulty or if you did not receive one with your smart card, you can request one from us. Why does the EPO use smart cards and how secure are they? What cards are they? Reader installation and Gemalto software Can I use any gfmsafe smart card readers apart from the one supplied by the EPO?

Gemplus Gemsafe Enterprise Wrkstation Smart Card Reader Writer PCMCIA & Software

You do not need to return it to the EPO. When an individual requests a smart card, a portal is created at the EPO end. This means that Gemalto Classic Client 6.