It needs only 5V and ground – there’s 2 connections for each on the plug. And will you update the other torrents? Unknown February 1, at I’ve included a picture of the unit with the cover off. Thank you so much, you are very knowledgeable.

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The bootleg has then been patched to ignore the bad checksum result and boot anyway. Many of the common bootlegs fail some of the startup checks normally due to how they were hacked up, though it’s usually in the onboard flash, not the card.

32mb Flash Card – Replacement –

I believe Funitsu am missing where I am to connect power to the unit. I have a B01 rom, do you know if it’s possible to perform the installation of DDR extreme 2 on it that is the only torrent i’ve found? My pccard is out of order, and i would like to downgrade the time to find a new pccard.

I assumed that meant that there were bad sectors, but I have found a post specifically showing that one bootleg shows those two as bad as part of the bootleg.

That being said, I would appreciate it if you could direct me to how I go about powering the memory card slots from the jamma?


Everything you find is going to be used or NOS.

CubaniTest April 30, at You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. There’s a couple non-Konami-branded cards that have been found to work by various people: I assume the bm98a80073 photo is correct, the only cable coming out of the back is the USB cable.

I’ll have to post of photos of my machines once I get them going.

This stuff hasn’t been made for about a decade. While I’m no fan of them, most people use those little automotive Y-splice thingies. Is it possible to have a link for a very old iso that do not use pccard?

Support & Downloads – FUJITSU Singapore

If neither of the above apply, you are normal. Newer Post Older Post Home. The correct slot is the I’ve ordered on ebay a 32 mb pretec, not the PN FW, but a very similar: I also tried a different security card and received the same “bad” sectors. Error and Message: Thanks all, you have been a tremendous help!

Can you please tell me where to find the noiocheck ISO or how to patch an original ISO I can dump my disk or create it from a mame chd?


My is a dancing stage euromix 2: If I recall correctly, it only works in a specific slot From what I believe, a portion of this card is used for game data, which is why it’s required for the game to boot.

Posted by s34nVideos at 9: Also, has anyone tried using a larger size card?

Alcatel Unleashed

ATA type cards, including virtually all CF cards in adapters, will not work. Let me know how it goes! This process takes about 5 minutes or so. Thank you for your help! My new monitor got in today, going to get it installed this week. I am assuming that the 6 pin port next to the data connection is for power, and where that comes from is my question. My memory card board works perfect, and machine happened to have that original retrofit kit that you discussed.

I am just researching ahead of time, the machine works fine, but I know that because it still shows those two bad sections, it will need to be replaced eventually.