This is another great article on MGS. Jimbo 2 years ago. Someone who needs a specific face angle, or someone who wants an r9 but needs more forgiveness. As you can imagine by that statement I am a bit of a Cleveland loyalist but I truly believe in their product. I still might get the better shaft, and see if I can bring my ball flight lower with less spin.

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A younger player who needs a high launch, draw bias for roll, and an ultralight shaft, or someone who needs a huge slice fix Other R7s: I need a new driver and have narrowed my choice to either a Ping G10 or TaylorMade r9.? I would go with the R9. Bob 2 years ago. Now I know there was only one Arnie.

Taylormade R7 460 and r9 driver

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. In addition to movable weights, the R9 featured adjustable face differennce, lie angle and loft, giving players a total of eight orientations.

Don’t bother; these aren’t forgiving and don’t have hot faces, so won’t go as straight or as long as the 3 listed above R9: No dice on taking them to the range.

M3m 5 months ago. TaylorMade are also offering a TP version of the R9 driver that comes with a stiffer and heavier Fujikura Motore F1 graphite shaft that realy impressed us when we tested the clubs. Crunched all taylormare and stuff that I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.


Dunny Budgie 2 years ago. Why is Obama following Trump around still and playing on his golf course?

TaylorMade R9 Driver Review

BaldTexan 63 years old. I use a Adams Redline Q for Quad that gets the ball out there pretty far. Nathan Hays I was really hoping the r7 walloped it. They make them with a lower CG to get the ball in the air with lower lofts so that they travel further. I was not thinking of any old shaft but one made for maximum performance at that length. I bought an r7 back when it was new, and I really didn’t know much what I was doing. Tony Stephens 2 years ago.

What Is the Better Golf Club by TaylorMade: The “r7” or the “R9”? | SportsRec

The ability to customize the club to your swing tempo alone can have decent results, and the modern club gives you more to play with. That is a gross measure, albeit, a very helpful one. I differencw itching a bit for a new toy, though.

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Scotty 2 years ago. One of the best driver I’ve tried recently.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

We are just here to learn and provide valuable info to consumers. Sign in Already have an account? The R9 club heads are perimeter-weighted and include a foam-silicone layer behind the face.

We have enjoyed watching the growing popularity of adjustable drivers and we believe that the TaylorMade R9 is the best yet.

R77 W 2 years ago. If its just a practice round then you could change it as much as you want, but you couldn’t use that round towards your handicap. I liked it alot better than the R9. I keep an r7 quad in the bag, and would probably be broken for life if something happened to it. Taylormade has amazing warranty service, within reason. Generally speaking, as swing speeds go down, higher launch is preferable, but you also have to look at angle of attack when trying to reach optimal.