So it’s completely clean in the sound driver department. January 15, at Now, play a music file using any audio player you like. After rebooting Windows 7 that part never seems to change , the Xonar DX was ready for use. In truth, I had no idea my headphones were even capable of such bass. Only the sound device chosen in the Sound dialog will be used. Three items are relevant:.

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This will all depend on your personal preference.

Supported DACs

April 1, at And its UI is very tweakable. ALC sounds okay, but it sounds flat and something always feels missing to me. Feb 6, at The Xonar DX is essentially playing a bit, 48kHz file.

I’m a asys user. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Remember card0 or whatever it is for your system since we will need it later. If connecting the audio outputs from multiple computers to an external receiver, use a separate audio isolator for each computer. Ljnux, you will return to the resampling issue. Feb 5, at 5: The Xonar DX is a 7. This does not mean that the original MP3 file will magically sound better. This happened to me as well.


This is a side effect of the ALSA system. They are treated as separate playback devices.

This is useful for checking that the speakers are connected properly to their associated channels. The floppy connector is keyed, so there is no danger of connecting it incorrectly. By default, everything is commented out ; or comments a line. By default, PulseAudio plays everything at its default rate of The better the audio aasus, the more it will essencee any flaws in the playback chain from source material to the ears.

Please keep me updated for any news about this. All sound produced by the Xonar DX in Windows was crystal clear without any background noise. Anyone tried the Fiio E10k?

In the case of the Xonar DX, both are met with stellar results. I’ll settle with this one. Each end contains one stereo 3.

Bit Perfect Audio from Linux | Page 8 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

December 14, at October 24, at This is not necessary if you plan to use PulseAudio to handle everything automatically, but for my goal, this was a necessary step to get files to play kinux the formats they were encoded in.


Shown here is bit 44kHz playback. December 23, at The Xonar DX will now output sound at full blast. The source material also matters. Of course, this assumes that both were made from the same source and that both are playing back on the same hardware.