These cards are available in three types, and are about the same length and width as credit cards. Have one to sell? Download the newest driver and utilities from Internet. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: A DNS server keeps a database of host computers and their respective domain names and IP addresses, so that when a user enters a domain name into the Internet browser, the user is sent to the proper IP address. If no associations have been made, it will automatically connect to a wireless network based on configurations that you specify. This standard includes provisions for three radio technologies:

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All specifications are subject to change without notice. The WEP Key is a 64 bit 5 byte or bit 13 byte Hexadecimal digit that is used to encrypt transmit data packets and decrypt received data packets. Weng Source Exif Asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g You can also set whether Control Center starts up with Windows. This new version presents a better looking design to replace the WLg. Click Apply when done.

The Asus Wireless Lan Family – Asus WLg User Manual [Page 9]

It will be shown in the Mobile Manager main window. Automatic Generation – Type a combination of up to letters, numbers, or symbols in the Magic Word column, then it will automatically generate WEP Keys.


Unlicensed means free of charge to users. COFDM delivers higher data rates and a high degree of multipath reflection recovery, thanks to its encoding scheme and error correction. Dial-Up Networking tries asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g use this address first. This standard includes provisions for three radio technologies: Use it to identify your computer group that you belong to. A Firewall prevents anyone outside of your network from accessing your computer and possibly damaging or viewing your files.

You may be prompted to restart Windows depending on the asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g changes.

WL107G WIRELESS LAN PC CARD User Manual pre3_wl107g_cardbus_u ASUSTeK Computer Inc

FCC requires this product to asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g used indoors for the frequency range 5. You can create a Control Center shortcut on the desktop. As a result of the completion of the standard, the interoperability of Wireless LAN products auss multiple manufacturers will be guaranteed. High power radars are allocated as primary user of the 5. An IP address has two parts: For example, share meeting notes between networked computers in a meeting room.

WDS wireless distribution system support The WLg acts as a bridge to extend network coverage Cost-saving The WLg not only acts as a wireless client but also turns your notebook into a wireless AP. PC users stay connected to the network anywhere throughout a building without being bound by a LAN wires. Automatic Generation – Type a combination of up to 64 letters, numbers, or asus wireless lan pc card wl-107g in the Passphrase column, then the Wireless Settings Utility uses an algorithm to generate wl-17g WEP Keys for encryption.


Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. As a result, you can have up to twelve access points set to different channels in the same area without them interfering with each other.

Asus WL-107g 802.11g Wireless CardBus Adapter Windows Drivers, Utility

The WEP uses keys to encrypt transmit data packets and decrypt received data packets. Cadd most cases, the default values do not have to be changed.

WDS wireless distribution system support. If you enable WEP encryption, you will only be able to communicate with wireless devices that have use the same WEP keys.

Lowest CPU utilization design leaves system resources available for other functions.

This screen is an example only. Intercepting and decoding a direct-sequence transmission requires a predefined algorithm to associate the spreading code used by the transmitting wireless device to the receiving wireless mobile client.

Description — This field is optional, you can use it to provide more details about this configuration.