The Power Cycle Control window, accessed by selecting the Power Cycle Control button from within the main applet window, allows for configuration of a timed shutdown, as well as real time statistics on system boot time. The use of the single chipset nForce4 solution, as well as the regrouping of the board power circuitry, really allowed ABIT to open up this normally tight area. Board makers seem to be giving more thought to IDE placement lately, but SATA connectors are increasingly a mess to work with in many motherboards. Fixed an issue where the system sometimes hangs when copying large files. Update NVMM to version 4. Add LDT frequency item “x1. Log in Don’t have an account?

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These heat sinks were found to get overly hot during normal operation. AMD Athlon64 socket based processors. The abit an8 ultra ATX and 4-pin 12V connectors are at the board edges, where they work best. Many no longer care about floppy drives, but if the floppy is important to you, the connector location at abit an8 ultra bottom of the board will be a stretch in tall cases.

The Settings window allows for system response configuration, as well as threshold setting for temperature-based responses. While it’s not pictured, the included “Audio Max” dedicated sound card fits in the first slot – just above the 2 PCIe x1 slots. The biggest surprise was the inclusion of integrated heat pipe-based cooling for the nForce4 chipset.


Update Boot Up Logo With that kind of price, buyers will certainly expect the Fatal1ty AN8 to be abit an8 ultra and shoulders above the other boards in the roundup. K8 Cool n Quiet set to Disable.

The audio riser card slot is located to the right of the rear panel assembly. Change some item in DRAM voltage section.

Abit AN8 Ultra Manuals

Charting the Mainstream by Wesley Fink on July 5, All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Full Screen Logo to Disable 5b. Abit an8 ultra Configure Preset button opens the SoftMenu window with the ability to customize up to 6 preset configurations.

ABIT is a world renowned computer component manufacturer, known best for their high performance yet stable product lines. Abit an8 ultra, the BlackBox feature simplifies the technical support process in that it collects all the critical hardware and software information needed from your system to help diagnose an issue. Add new CPU support. The addition of even abit an8 ultra small amount of airflow over the heat sinks cooled the area well, however.

Click image ann8 enlarge.

Abit AN8 Ultra Manuals

Xn8 following abit an8 ultra components come standard with the AN8 Ultra: The applet allows abit an8 ultra full customization through the Settings window, accessed by clicking on the Setup button from the main applet window. Enhanced compatibility with certain memories. The board serial number and revision code are located on a white sticker just above the secondary PCI-Express x1 slot.


From this window, the user can abit an8 ultra all board FSB abit an8 ultra voltage options, as well as system event triggering based on specific BIOS monitored fan headers. Full Screen Logo ultrz Disable 3b. The settings are permanent and cannot be changed. The AN8 Ultra motherboard comes in the standard ABIT nForce4 line packaging, with a large sticker on the lower left corner of the box designating the model and supported features.

Abit Fatal1ty AN8: Features and Layout – nForce4 Ultra Roundup: Charting the Mainstream

Post Your Comment Abit an8 ultra log in or sign up to comment. ABIT strives to push the technological limits through both proprietary BIOS enhancements, as well as integrated technologies like their uGuru dynamic overclocking chipset.

Fixed the issue that some 3D application may not run stable in SLi mode. The GuruClock applet only functions with an uGuru device abit an8 ultra to the board.

Safe sites to purchase games online? There’s just about any BIOS adjustment that you might want.

The threshold settings window can be reached by selecting the Limit button next to the desired monitored item.